Item details - Small Ancillary Armor Repairer
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer
This module uses nano-assemblers to repair damage done to the armor of the ship. The module can optionally use Nanite Repair Paste to increase repair effectiveness. Deactivating the module while it has no Nanite Repair Paste loaded starts reloading, if there is Nanite Repair Paste available in cargo hold.

Note: Can use Nanite Repair Paste as fuel. Reloading time is 60 seconds. Prototype Inferno Module.
Cargo capacity 0.08 m3
Mass 500 kg
Volume 5 m3
Baseprice 0 ISK
Tech Level 1 Level
heatAbsorbtionRateModifier 0.01
requiredSkill1Level 1
CPU usage 5 tf
Secondary Skill required Mechanics
Armor Hitpoints Repaired 52 HP
Activation time / duration 6000 s
Charges Per Cycle 1
Reload Time 60000 s
Max Modules Of This Group Allowed 1
Overload Repair Bonus 10 %
Required Thermodynamics Level 1 Level
Heat Damage 5.4 HP
Overload duration bonus -15 %
maxGroupActive 1
Meta Level 0 Level
Used with (Charge Group) Nanite Repair Paste
requiredSkill2Level 1
Boosted repair multiplier 3 x
Powergrid Usage 5 MW
Primary Skill required Repair Systems
Structure Hitpoints 40 HP
Activation Cost 40 GJ
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